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Sickness Assassin with Steven Woodward

Jun 27, 2022

The Name above every name. The Name of Jesus. There is power in that name, but do you know why? Lets dig deeper into the actual meaning of the name in this epic episode to know why you can use that name and it brings all of heaven and authority with it!



Jun 20, 2022

Love is a powerful force, in fact, Faith works by Love. Are you struggling to have Faith for a miracle? Wondering why your Faith isn’t working? Unbelief comes from a lack of Love. Fear comes from a lack of Love. In this episode I’ll share some Greek text and scriptures that will help you see perfect Love!


Many of...

Jun 13, 2022

God created you in his image so it’s natural that you have his creative power within you. How does it work? Your mind creates an image that, when perceived as truth God takes that seed and brings it forth into this 3D realm. In this teaching I’ll walk you through the scriptures that support this reality and...

Jun 6, 2022

Your imagination is the spiritual womb of creation. Everything in the natural first started in someone’s imagination. It's the container of power where you connect with the creator. In this teaching you'll learn about the Hebrew word imagination and why it works to create reality.