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Sickness Assassin with Steven Woodward

Apr 25, 2022

Description: Simply knowing the resurrection power is in you is only the beginning. In this episode I’ll share scriptures where Jesus revealed his unity with the Father. You’ll also learn how you can share in His intimate knowledge and be more aware of His power that is always flowing through you.



Apr 18, 2022

Peace is a powerful force! Jesus declared “My Peace I leave to you”, he then said; he does not give as the world gives. He followed that up with, “Let not your heart be troubled”.  Yet so many Christians are falling to pieces as they go through one situation after another. Are you being pulled in...

Apr 11, 2022

Demons, Devils and Flesh Oh My! Jesus rebuked Peter but who was the real enemy in the story? Many will say, “The Devil Made Him Do It!” – Sound familiar? What is influencing you? Do you have a devil or are you simply walking out your old dead reality that is speaking from the grave? Listen to this episode...

Apr 4, 2022

Demons sell. The church is full of methods to fight them. Why? Every Christian has battled a demon…or so they think. What if you’re not battling demons at all? Paul never mentions demons under the new covenant, in fact he turns people over to satan in two different scriptures. Do you know what is opposing you? Find...