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Sickness Assassin with Steven Woodward

Mar 28, 2022

Your carnal man makes decisions based on the physical reality and senses. Scripture says we are not of this physical world, it says the world has been crucified to us. In this episode you’ll learn how to allow Christ to make those decisions for you as you reject the decisions to live independent of him.



Mar 21, 2022

When you abide in Him you can ask for anything and he will give it. Asking with confidence and boldness is the key. Are you still asking? All of the promises are Yes and Amen in Christ. In this episode I’ll clarify the difference between asking and wondering verses asking and laying hold of your promise.


Mar 14, 2022

Is God operating miracles through you or are you still in darkness about your identity? Did you know you are a god? Scripture not only says you are a god but explains what happens when you don’t know and understand that. Check out this episode to hear how God operates through you and not independently of...

Mar 7, 2022

Jesus spoke in parables. Why didn’t he just speak plainly for all to understand? This and more will be explained here in this Spiritual Truth episode. We’ll also take a look at one of the most common parables and understand how to apply it to your life.